Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

Pricing and delivery:
Agro Intelligence ApS sells licenses to the product myintellipaths. Licenses are only sold to businesses with a CVR-number.
All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK) or Euro (€) and are excluding VAT. Myintellipaths is not a physical product, but is rather a subscription to a service. We can cancel your order because of a misprint, technical problems, and situations of the like.

All products, unless otherwise clearly stated, are sold for a 12 month subscription and can be cancelled 1 month before the 12 month subscription expires.
The yearly payment is charged to the credit card connected to the account. Before the renewal, a reminder is sent to the email address attached to the account that the yearly payment will be soon charged.

Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted and a valid credit card must be registered when the account is created (unless there is another agreement with Farmtech Software). The credit card information is kept encrypted at the payment service and Agro Intelligence ApS does not have access to this information.
When payment is completed, the product can start being used.
When payment is completed, an email will be sent with a receipt. The invoice for the purchase is sent via email once the money for the purchase has been pulled from the customer’s credit card. VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

When the product has been paid for and the customer has started to use it, the product cannot be returned. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so please contact us if you are not satisfied.  

All personal information given in connection with the payment at the web address www.myintellipaths.info stays with Agro Intelligence and is never sold, leased or in another way given to others under any circumstances, unless you as customer specifically have asked us to do so. The exception is the exchange of data with Thorsen-Teknik A/S, Søndergården 12, 9640 Farsø, Denmark, CVR-number: 36930764, Telephone no.: +4529104029 E-mail: kontor@thorsen-teknik.dk which manages sales of the smartphone apps purchased prior to the purchase of licenses for myintellipaths. Data will be used for registration of the product and for statistical purposes.  
In addition, all personal data is encrypted.

Information about us:
Company name: Agro Intelligence ApS
Address: Agro Food Park 13, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
Tlf: +45 5237 9916
Email: contact_us@agrointelli.com
Business type: Danish private limited company
VAT-number: 36942975
Established: 2015
Branch: 283000 Manufacturing of farming and forestry machines